This was an actual dream I had. It was pretty rockin’.

So, Sketch Dump. What to say about it… Well, it’s basically a journal comic. I’ll tell you stories about what happens in my life in 5.5′ x 8.5′. Sometimes I’ll tell stories I don’t want to make another series with, but just want to share. Sometimes I’ll just want to tell you about ideas I have. Sometimes I’ll just draw you a picture. It depends on the mood.

I’m thinking, since I draw pretty much everyday in this book, and the pages are easy to scan, this should be a twice weekly thing. Tuesday and Thursday sound good?

If you’d like to comment here, go for it. There’s also a snazzy forum I set up, and I would love it if you joined.

See ya next time!

Edit: Thank my friend Jackson for telling me the images were too damn small.