What do we have on tap this week? Well, I uploaded pages 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Shattered since I may or may not have missed a few days, Sketch Dump updated with walking and Coffee, Comic Times had beat-boxing revelations, and Jace’s Inferno had pages 21 and 22.

I have no idea what to do with all the originals of my work. Absolutely no idea. There was a period of 2 updates where Sketch Dump had two comics per paper, and that was nice since it ate up less space, but now I have so much paper and so little space. If you’ve been in my room, you’ll know that I have such little amounts of storage, that you’d be surprised my desk is as clean as it is. As of right now, looking around my area, there are Shattered and Sketch Dump papers littering the surface, not to mention doodles meant for the post on some days and other secret projects. What do you do when it gets like this? Will you help me not drown in papers? And that doesn’t even count the supplies, like colored pencils that I need for Shattered and sharpies and lead.

Maybe I just need to learn to clean.

Sorry for such a lame write-up, but I have some ammo for next weeks, and I hope Eric allows me to post it.

- Josh